Natural Concepts Dog Training uses an optimistic approach by encouraging cooperation, education, and consistency to grow relationships between dog owners and their pets. 

Serving the Long Beach Peninsula and surrounding areas. 

All breeds, all ages!


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Natural Concepts Dog Training

Trainer Darius Heggins with Loa

A life-long animal and nature appreciator, Darius Heggins has been a licensed dog trainer since 2019. Now serving Pacific County in Washington State and the surrounding areas, training with Darius focuses on technique and obedience. This includes incorporating the natural connection a dog owner has with their dog. Just like any relationship, developing a bond with a dog takes work, respectful communication, and time! Darius enjoys helping dog owners through this rewarding process.

Some of Darius's first clients were from Northwest Dog Retreat in Snohomish County, Washington!


Weekly one on one sessions available. We travel to you or find a convenient location to meet.

Offering a Variety of Training Packages
Package 1
5 weeks of one on one sessions plus a 6th week free!
Package 2
 4 weeks one on one sessions
Package 3
4 weeks one on one sessions via Zoom
You'd be surprised how much you can accomplish remotely!


Techniques Covered
Leash Training, Obedience, Sit, Stay, Leave, Off, No Pull, Most Aggression (Case by Case)   
Techniques for Puppies 

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